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Mpower Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Science Valley

On December 16, 2019, Michael Pak, chairman and CEO of Mpower Innovation, visited China Science Valley Group in Shenzhen, and discuss the cooperation on hydrogen and fuel cell. Michael signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yiping Yu, Chairman of China Science Valley Group.

During the visit, Michael expressed the interest to China market. Michael said that although the hydrogen and fuel cell market in China is still at early stage, with substantial policy support and capital involvement, it has great growth potential and will become one of the most important markets in the world. Mpower's disruptive technology in catalyst and proton exchange membrane (PEM) will accelerate the development of hydrogen and fuel cell, and help China achieve carbon emission reduction. Since Shenzhen is the innovation center of China, Mpower Innovation is willing to set up subsidiary in Shenzhen and collaborate with China Science Valley.

Yiping welcome the visit of Mpower Innovation. Yiping pointed out that China Science Valley is an inclusive and open platform, and has been committed to integrating the world's cutting-edge high-end technologies. At present, China Science Valley is actively promoting the hydrogen and fuel cell and integrating resources around the supply chain. Mpower Innovation as a startup from Silicon Valley has outstanding R&D team and disruptive technology, is an ideal business partner for China Science Valley. The collaboration between two parties will accelerate the industry development and make Shenzhen a leading hydrogen city in China.

The signing of the agreement was announced by China Science Valley Group at its website: http://zg-kg.com/news-317.html

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