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Mpower Interviewed with Automobility

 In September 2020, Automobility introduced Mpower Innovation in its EXCELerate Newsletter, after interviewing Michael Pak, Chairman and CEO of Mpower Innovation.

Automobility is a well-recognized consulting company in the automobile industry. Its founder and CEO Bill Russo has nearly 4 decades of experience in the auto, electronics and information technology industries, and the world's leading global expert on the development of the automotive industry and the future of mobility.

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Mpower's Nanoporous Material Delivers Fuel Cell Breakthrough

Mpower Innovation, a Silicon Valley based startup, recently announced that using nano porous material, it has fabricated a less than 5 µm membrane for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell. 

PEM is one of the most critical components in fuel cell. Companies in the industry are trying very hard to reduce the thickness of the membrane, not only for cost reduction, but also to improve proton conductivity. However, if the membrane is too thin, some hydrogen will go through the membrane and mix with oxygen reducing the lifetime of the membrane.

"We're using a disruptive nanoporous material, which can effectively solve the issue." said Michael Pak, CEO of Mpower Innovation."Our material has porous size smaller than hydrogen gas, and therefore can block it from passing through the membrane. In addition, we have fabricated a unique staggered membrane formation that can further block the gas. Because the material's porous size is much bigger than hydrogen ion, conductivity will not be affected." Mpower also conducted some test of the membrane."Testing results are quite encouraging as our membrane shows better ion conductivity than several commonly used membranes in the industry," said Michael Pak.

Besides proton exchange membrane, Mpower is also working on membrane electrode assembly (MEA) design."We have already developed our own MEA reference design. Using our proprietary PEM product, we can significantly improve performance and lifetime of MEA while reducing product costs," Pak said.

Mpower Innovation is in the process of raising series A investment."Several companies have shown serious interests in us, including one leading fuel cell vehicle company and one leading chemical company. Discussion with both the two companies are in the final stage. We're also discussing with several European companies and we will close this round of investment within three months," The CEO said.

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