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Mpower Innovation
is located in Silicon Valley, CA USA

We have a team of successful entrepreneurs, experienced engineers and world class research scientists working on quick commercialization of the cutting-edge nano porous material, to improve the technology in hydrogen fuel cell industry.
Our mission is to become the most innovative technology provider, offering superior, affordable product solution to our customers, and working with them to achieve a sustainable and healthier world and future.



We are always interested in acquiring new talent to join our team. If you are passionate about working in a thriving tech-company, and interested in the positions below, please don't hesitate to send us an email at career@mpowerinnovation.com
Synthetic Scientist [Full time]

Synthetic Scientist with extensive experience in developing organic frameworks (COF/MOF) and other functional materials; experienced in developing ultrathin defect free membranes, with applications focusing on gas separations / gas adsorption, and fuel cell applications. 

Primary Areas of Responsibilities

* Design the synthetic processes to achieve COF frameworks and membranes in the application of PEM and fuel cell catalyst

* Develop and optimize covalent organic framework membranes which can function at high liquid flux rate under low pressure differentials.

* Assist in scaling-up synthesis to production volumes.

* Characterization of covalent organic frameworks: XRD, SEM, Particle size analysis, DSC, TGA, ICP, Gas adsorption, and BET.  

* Assembly and operation of test cells for liquid filtration or gas separation.

* Collaborate and communicate with technicians, scientists, engineers, and managers participating in weekly technical meetings.

Required Experience

* Extensive experience in membrane industries

* Extensive experience in synthesizing large ultrathin defect free membranes via interfacial polymerization or LBL. 

* Extensive experience in testing the membranes and analyzing the data. 

Preferred Experience & Education

* Experience in organic frameworks (COF/MOF) technology.

* Experience in collaboration with other research groups.

* Experience in polymer synthesis and electrochemistry knowledge are plus.

* Ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. in chemical engineering or chemistry related areas. Otherwise, they should have BA and experience equivalent to more than 6 years in membrane industries.

Compensation depends on education and experience.

Proton Exchange Membrane Specialist [Full time]
PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Specialist [Full time]
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