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Mpower Innovation
is located in Silicon Valley, CA USA

We have a team of successful entrepreneurs, experienced engineers and world class research scientists working on quick commercialization of the cutting-edge nano porous material, to improve the technology in hydrogen fuel cell industry.
Our mission is to become the most innovative technology provider, offering superior, affordable product solution to our customers, and working with them to achieve a sustainable and healthier world and future.



Michael Pak
Michael PakChairman & CEO, Co-Founder
Michael PakChairman & CEO, Co-Founder

Currently serves as CEO of Mpower. Has over 25 years of experience in R&D and operations of automotive emission catalyst, fuel cell catalyst and lithium-ion battery materials. Successfully incubated many startups from ground to industry well-recognized business including IPO filing in U.S. Previously successfully served CEO and key management roles at EoCell, Nanostellar, NanoeXa and Xpeed Networks. His prior startup was funded by Khosla Ventures and Softbank.

Dr. Jon Shan
Dr. Jon ShanDirector, R & D
Dr. Jon ShanDirector, R & D
Has over 10 years of R&D experience in material, catalyst and battery industries. Previously served as CTO, Manager of Battery Engineering, Principle and Senior technical positions at HiT Nano, Eocell, Amprius, Quantumscape. Before entering industry, worked as a research staff at Princeton University, developing Bio-Nanomaterials for photodynamic therapy; researches focus on PEM fuel cell catalysts, and organometallic light emitting materials.
Marie Asistin
Marie AsistinDirector, Finance
Marie AsistinDirector, Finance
Has over 30 years experience in finance and accounting management, human resources, shipping & receiving. Areas of expertise include accounting and finance operations, budget development and management and financial modeling etc. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate holder and a member of National Association of Professional Women.
Andrew Kim
Andrew KimAdvisory Board & former senior Intelligence Officer, CIA
Andrew KimAdvisory Board & former senior Intelligence Officer, CIA
Retired as head of CIA’s Korea Mission Center. Helped secure the foundation for the Trump-Kim summit of June 2018. Accompanied CIA Director and then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang’s meeting with Kim Jon Un several times. Established the CIA’s Korea Mission Center in 2017. CIA’s Director’s Award (2018), Presidential Rank Award (2012), and the Donovan Award (1990).
Dr. Gi-Wook Shin
Dr. Gi-Wook ShinAdvisory Board & Professor, Stanford University
Dr. Gi-Wook ShinAdvisory Board & Professor, Stanford University
Co-founder of Mpower. Currently serves as William J. Perry Professor of Contemporary Korea in Sociology and International Studies and Director of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University. World-renowned expert on international relations and politics in Asia. Consults for both private and public organizations in the US and Asia.
Fengping Wu
Fengping WuSenior Director, Business Development
Fengping WuSenior Director, Business Development
Has 10 years experience in clean tech and carbon trading industries. Previously served as senior project manager at EEA Fund Management, managing projects in China and Southeast Asia and achieved success of over $50M in projects. Worked for several silicon-valley startups in marketing, business development and strategy planning. Finalized $20M of fundraising.
Bill Russo
Bill RussoAdvisory Board & Founder & CEO, Automobility
Bill RussoAdvisory Board & Founder & CEO, Automobility
The world’s leading global expert on the development of the automotive industry and the future of mobility. Nearly 4 decades of experience in the auto, electronics and information technology industries. Currently serving as the Chair of the Automotive Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Previously served as VP of Chrysler Northeast Asia at Chrysler LLC and Director of Product & Business Strategy at DaimlerChrysler
Yutaka Shinto
Yutaka ShintoAdvisory Board & former president & CEO, Softbank IDC
Yutaka ShintoAdvisory Board & former president & CEO, Softbank IDC
Former president & CEO at Softbank IDC Co. Ltd and managing director at Softbank BB Co Ltd. Over 20 years working at Mitsui for different management roles, including General Manager at New York and Tokyo headquarters, and Chief Clerk at Tokyo headquarters, etc. Working as a director or advisor to six companies
Dr. Seongsoo Kim
Dr. Seongsoo KimAdvisory Board & VP of Ostendo
Dr. Seongsoo KimAdvisory Board & VP of Ostendo
Dr. Kim is Vice President of Strategic Development at Ostendo Technoloiges that is the pioneer of micro LED Display and Light Field Display. Dr. Kim has 27 years experience in Semiconductor, Telecommunication and Clean Energy field. He hold an executive, manager, and chief researcher position at NanoExa, Xpeed Networks, Samsung Semiconductor and Samsung Economic Research Institute. Dr. Kim was adjunct professor and lecturer of Soongsil University and Sung Kyun Kwan University respectively where he had taught IT Strategy and Strategic Management to the graduate students.
Bob McDowell
Bob McDowellTechnical Founding Member
Bob McDowellTechnical Founding Member
Has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of the automotive and industrial emission catalyst industry. Previously served as VP of Manufacturing at Nanostellar, Process Development Director at Catalytic Solution, and Product & Operations Manager at Johnson Matthey. Areas of expertise include catalytic coatings involving precisely engineering surfaces, raw materials, morphology, thermal treatment, and more.
Dr. Kurt Vandeputte
Dr. Kurt VandeputteAdvisory Board & Senior Vice President, Umicore
Dr. Kurt VandeputteAdvisory Board & Senior Vice President, Umicore
Dr. Vandeputte is a successful business leader with a 20+ year proven track record in combining science-based technology assessments, identifying market opportunities and leading multi-cultural teams to execute towards results. He is now Senior VP of Government Affairs, and was Senior VP of Rechargeable Battery Materials at Umicore.
Alex Park
Alex ParkAdvisory Board & Partner of Alex C Park Law Firm
Alex ParkAdvisory Board & Partner of Alex C Park Law Firm
Co-founder of Mpower. His law practice focuses on Business Transactions, Venture Capital Financing, Shareholders Dispute Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation and more. Has assisted over 500 high-tech companies in their start-up mode. Served on the following Board of Directors: Asian Americans for Community Involvement, Korean American Development Corporation, Chinese American Democratic Club, and more.


We are always interested in acquiring new talent to join our team. If you are passionate about working in a thriving tech-company, and interested in the positions below, please don't hesitate to send us an email at career@mpowerinnovation.com
Synthetic Scientist [Full time]

Synthetic Scientist with extensive experience in developing organic frameworks (COF/MOF) and other functional materials; experienced in developing ultrathin defect free membranes, with applications focusing on gas separations / gas adsorption, and fuel cell applications. 

Primary Areas of Responsibilities

* Design the synthetic processes to achieve COF frameworks and membranes in the application of PEM and fuel cell catalyst

* Develop and optimize covalent organic framework membranes which can function at high liquid flux rate under low pressure differentials.

* Assist in scaling-up synthesis to production volumes.

* Characterization of covalent organic frameworks: XRD, SEM, Particle size analysis, DSC, TGA, ICP, Gas adsorption, and BET.  

* Assembly and operation of test cells for liquid filtration or gas separation.

* Collaborate and communicate with technicians, scientists, engineers, and managers participating in weekly technical meetings.

Required Experience

* Extensive experience in membrane industries

* Extensive experience in synthesizing large ultrathin defect free membranes via interfacial polymerization or LBL. 

* Extensive experience in testing the membranes and analyzing the data. 

Preferred Experience & Education

* Experience in organic frameworks (COF/MOF) technology.

* Experience in collaboration with other research groups.

* Experience in polymer synthesis and electrochemistry knowledge are plus.

* Ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. in chemical engineering or chemistry related areas. Otherwise, they should have BA and experience equivalent to more than 6 years in membrane industries.

Compensation depends on education and experience.

Proton Exchange Membrane Specialist [Full time]
PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Specialist [Full time]
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