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Accelerate the Way Towards A Net-Zero Emission Future

Solutions to Critical climate change and energy challenges

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is the most environmentally friendly technology for vehicles, because it uses hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, and water is the only by-product. PEMFC has emerged as one of the best technologies for vehicles due to short refilling time, long driving range, and less impact to utility, among others. It is especially good for applications such as bus, long-haul truck, and cargo etc.


Mpower’s leading research team in the cutting-edge nanoporous material developed a low-cost solution to improve the performance and durability of key components in PEMFC. Our PEM is extremely thin, resistant to acid environment, has 50% higher conductance, and can prevent the challengeable fuel crossover issue.

Based on our proprietary membrane and low platinum loading catalyst technologies, we designed the next-generation membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which showed promising performance and will be the game changer for the industry.

The nanoporous material we use is versatile, besides solving critical challenges in fuel cell, we also demonstrated its great potential in hydrogen generation and storage. Mpower is making continuous and breakthrough improvement in hydrogen and fuel cell, accelerating the way towards green hydrogen society and a net-zero emission future.


23 March 2021
Mpower presented at Doon Insights Auto & Mobility Workshop
On March 23, 2021, Michael Pak, CEO of Mpower Innovation, is invited to present at Doon Insights Auto & Mobility Workshop. The workshop is focused on startups, which provide a window onto the next generation of technologies. 18 compelling startup...
05 October 2020
Mpower Interviewed with Automobility
 In September 2020, Automobility introduced Mpower Innovation in its EXCELerate Newsletter, after interviewing Michael Pak, Chairman and CEO of Mpower Innovation. Automobility is a well-recognized consulting company in the automobile industry. I...
27 January 2020
Mpower Became California Hydrogen Business Council Member
The California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) announced that beginning in January 2020, Mpower Innovation became a CHBC silver level member. As a newly joining member, Mpower chose to join the Hydrogen Energy Storage and Renewable Hydrogen Sector A...
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